Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did You Know You Are In Sales?

I recently finished reading the book “To Sell Is Human” by Daniel H. Pink and it reminded me once again that most people don’t know they are in sales. That has always baffled me. I am not sure why some don’t want to be called a salesperson. You would think that it is obvious we all need to move someone to action daily and that most of our interactions with others is a sales job of some kind. Arlene Dickinson points this out in her latest bestseller “Persuasion” as well.
So I get that someone you met in your past was a shyster and you don’t want to be labeled with the same paint brush. I understand that you feel that you paid for an education but we know now in this changing world an education does not guarantee one a career. Things are moving fast. Technology is moving us. The thing is though even if we are in a hot market and business seems to be coming fast, somebody is selling something in order for that to happen. New ideas have to be sold.

Business owners are salespeople, even if they don’t realize that is what they are doing. They will become successful and stay successful if they acknowledge that fact and hone those skills.
How many times have I met a consultant who became a consultant because they had one good contract. What happened at the end of the contract? They either went back to being an employee or they learned to sell their service real fast.

Selling is not greasy. It is not mysterious either. It is simply sharing and then asking for the sale. There are many techniques to share and also many ways to ask for the sale, but that is how it breaks down. Learning the skills just takes some focus.
Over the years I have been a student of many of the masters in the art of selling. I have worked and worked on my sales ability because I have seen it as a staple in my diet to create success in my life. I have to deal with people every day. Some are motivated, and some are not. Some like me, and some do not. Some want my products, and others do not. Some want to do business with me, and there are those that do not. So if I had an interaction to move someone ten times a day and I went from moving 1 out of 10 to moving 2 out of ten that would double the impact that I was having no matter what I was trying to persuade them to do.

I am passionate about selling. Once one realizes that this is what we are it becomes easy. It is fun. It is even an exciting challenge.
This fall I am even going to participate in a MasterMind group focused on improving my sales ability. Would you like to embrace the experience of a lifetime and stretch to a new level? Want to join me?

Always Loyal2U,

Kerry George
Just for fun this is a great video on how NOT TO SELL! The typical stereotype of the badgering salesman show just how wrong it can be done. We WILL NOT be learning his techniques in our MasterMind sessions. :)

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