Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Go Out Walking

Francois and I love to go out walking most days, as long as it is not pouring rain. I must say though that right after a rain a walk smells delicious. It is late spring and almost summer so the Alberta Wild Roses are out. It was amazing to walk around a bend in the path a few mornings ago and be hit with the incredible floral scents. Lilacs are out in full bloom right now too.

Consistency is the new habit that I am building. It is a powerful habit. Doing something every day, day after day builds new pathways in the brain. Rael Kalley my habits coach has me working on creating this exercise habit over my 100 Days Of Fire. At first I hated it, but now I am actually looking forward to it. It seems to be working. I have gone for a walk at 10:00 PM to make sure it happened, so I must be committed to it.

The parks in Calgary are fabulous. There are so many great pathways to take. Lately we have been to Edworthy Park, Bowness Park, Bakers Park, Nose Hill Park and all of the other parks attached to it. I think though one of my favorites has been the park out at Cochrane. There is a path in the backwoods there that will give you quite the work out. I would not recommend going in the rain because you may slide ride off the trail but it is a very cool walk in the park. There are also these awesome stairs that you can climb to get right up to the big cowboy sculpture.

Each day that I go out walking I consider it a miracle. I really did not like to exercise in any way only a few short months ago. It took saying an affirmation, "I love to exercise," 6 times a day for four months before I was even ready to try it. Now that we do it every day we don't like to miss it at all, and I am still saying "I love to exercise." I am now starting to mean it when I say it. Learning to Lie To Myself has been a useful tool.

The journey of weight-loss is continuing one step at a time. Each day that I go out I get a little closer to my goal and the scale is showing it as well.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fitting In Jeans

There is nothing more exciting that pulling an old pair of jeans out of a drawer or a box in the back of your closet and putting them on to find that they fit!

Yay! I had to do a little happy dance and sing a skinny song!

Losing weight sometimes seems like a tedious uphill battle. You have to take a moment and enjoy the milestones.

I had these jeans that I have thought of giving away 100 times because I was too big for them. You know that sinking feeling that you have when you see them there again in the lonely rejected pile of clothing that you feel you will never enjoy again. That's the pile that you try to avoid. It is in the dresser drawer that you never open; or you only open when you can't find the one missing sock and then you remember, "Oh ya, that is the drawer full of stuff that makes me feel bad."

So the other day I was thinking that I really needed something different to wear. I was especially thinking it should be jeans, but I only have 2 pair of jeans and one of them is looking kind of sloppy and the other pair was dirty. Why are my jeans sloppy? Because I lost weight! I just had not drawn the conclusion that a pair of old jeans might fit. So I opened the drawer and stood there and went, "hmmmmm.... I wonder..."

It is such a satisfying feeling when you put those jeans on and they actually fit. Wow! It is like a chorus of angels all sing your name and the heavens open up, and the light shines down on you, and you hear God say, "This is my child, and I am well pleased with her."

Okay, well I was the only one who heard the angels. Still, I am pretty happy about fitting into those jeans.

I just made sure that I did not go looking through any other boxes yet, but I didn't want to lose my happy buzz. That day is coming though. Those boxes are destined for future glory.

"I am coming for you, my precious..."

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Being Too Busy

Calgary View Nose Hill Park

There is nothing worse for creating new habits than being too busy.

Life is busy, isn't it?

All that being busy gets in the way of change. We have our routines and those routines are how we manage. Change means we have to disrupt the routines.

My routines prior to making these changes on May 1st were all BAD. Yep. No nice way to say it.

I got up as late as I could. I tried to squeeze the last few seconds of sleep out of my night and that caused pressure on my overall performance, but that was my habit. I was protective of that rest and would argue I needed my beauty sleep. Even though there was absolutely no evidence to support that it was somehow making me more beautiful, and perhaps there was even evidence to the contrary.

I would stagger down to the kitchen and let the dog out and then with my eyes half open I would feel my way around the kitchen and get a coffee into my miserable self. I would stand at the counter feeling gross and try to stir myself up to face the day.

The day then got very busy.

I would go up to my computer and try to get as much done as possible in an hour, get everything packed into my briefcase and rush out for the appointments, the training classes I would teach, or the schedule that I had set for myself. I was very busy. That amount of busyness was keeping me from reaching any health related goals. My days were going from one appointment to another. No time for exercise and no time for thinking about what to eat.

I didn't eat breakfast which kept my body in starvation mode. Then I was so hungry I would eat a heavy lunch that fed my soul. On cold days I wanted something hot so in the restaurants I was ordering the burger and fries with gravy and Reuben sandwiches . I smothered everything with cheese and sour cream. I didn't order salad because it was cold. Ew... cold...

I did not take the stairs. I did not like exercise.

When I finished up my appointments I went home and right back to the computer to do more work. My ass was getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes I was having trouble fitting into a chair in a restaurant. I did not like that feeling, but habit was keeping me there.

Working with my habits coach Rael Kalley has opened up my eyes. I realize now, I am my own worse enemy. I have this big gang in my head that has sprayed my thoughts with ugly graffiti and as soon as I try to clean it off or repaint they show up with bats and swear at me. They try to take back their territory. I have to fight for it every day. One of their tactics is to remind me just how busy I am. I have no time for exercise.

Whispering Walkway
Nose Hill Park
Since I started the 100 day program I am no longer responding to those gangsters. I am making time for exercise every day. We have been visiting the parks all across the city and taking pictures and videos of our experiences. We go for a walk either early in the morning, or in the evening, and we have been fitting it into our busy lifestyle with more ease than I thought possible. I am actually really enjoying the exercise. I would not have believed that was possible.

Following a plan for what I eat is also easier than I realized. It just requires some pre-planning. Once you get into the habit of buying fruit a couple times a week, it is not hard to juice each morning. Once you buy a few bags of meal replacement protein powder from Arbonne you have something around for those times when you are too busy to make good choices. Making a new plan priority is not hard once you have made it priority. The difficulty is in our mind before we get started. Once we get started it gets easier.

What are you too busy doing? What do you do now to overcome it?

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Proper Fruit Consumption

There is a lot of controversy about fruit. Some people say that it is very good for you. Others will say that it is full of sugar content and that it is bad for people with diabetes and that we should all watch our fruit intake.

Fit For Life talks a lot about proper fruit consumption. Until I read this book and started applying it I had no idea that fruit could be eaten in a way that is not good for the body. For example if fruit is cooked obviously it changes the chemical composition of the fruit. Cooking fruit makes it very high in sugar calories. That makes sense because we all know if we sit around and eat apple pie or cherry cobbler all day it's going to definitely add some pounds to the waistline. I had not given it much thought before reading that book but having canned fruit in a little cup, would be the same as eating it in a pie. It is cooked. I grew up on home made jams, and we put fruit into all kinds of food that we cooked. It is sweet and delicious. In my early years I never thought about it.

Orange juice that you get out of a can, or even in a carton, or a jar, from the fridge at the grocery store is concentrated. That's a big fancy word that means cooked. When any kind of fruit has been cooked it turns into a sugary acid.

When Health experts tell people with diabetes that they should not be eating fruit, they would be correct if they were talking about fruit that is cooked. It is actually pretty nasty. When you think of a food that will spike your blood sugar level, that one is pretty guaranteed. What if they ate it raw though? Is it the same? The calories are similar when you compare concentrated orange juice to fresh squeezed orange juice, but what if it is not just about calories? The Canada Food guide does not distinguish any difference in cooked or raw fruit so I thought they must be the same. Now though I believe they are not the same because of what I experience in my own body when I consume them.

An interesting thing that fit for Life brought to my attention is what happens to a fruit that is eaten raw, but then has other food added into the stomach at the same time with it. This is something I had never heard any health experts say, but by experimenting in my own body I would definitely agree there is something to be said for this. Fit For Life tells us that if we eat fruit by itself but the fruit remains alkaline, and that alkaline is basically good for us. That lines up to other things that I have read that suggests that too much acid for instance in the system is a contributing environment in our body for diseases such as cancer. I think most experts would agree that alkaline is preferable.

How do we prove that it stays alkaline in the body when it is eaten raw? I am not a scientist, so I don't have a test I could run. I could however do an experiment in my own body. I could test how I feel after I consume these things on separate occasions. I could even log the results in a journal and see long term if there is any difference in anything that is measurable.

We have been trained to eat all kinds of things with fruit. My father told me for years that fresh squeezed orange juice, or any kind of orange juice would give him an immediate heartburn. That would suggest acid. So I had him do a little test. He knew that if he drink orange juice as he normally did, quickly followed by coffee and with breakfast that he would have heartburn. So I asked him to try it with only orange juice that is fresh-squeezed, and to have nothing else for at least an hour and see what that did to him. The result was he had no heartburn. In fact he realized afterwards that he could enjoy fruit by itself on an empty stomach first thing in the morning without any painful side effects. He could even drink grapefruit juice that was fresh squeezed. He also noted that if he ate anything else within 45 minutes of putting that fruit of his mouth that he would then be sick immediately. He definitely could not drink concentrated orange juice and concentrated grapefruit juice was even worse.

You've been eating fruit all your life. Try this. One morning eat fruit the way you've always eaten it. Put your bananas on top of your cereal, take your vitamins and meds with your oranges, have fruit inside of a protein shake, or put strawberries on your waffles with whipped cream. After you eat these things go sit on the couch quietly and think about how you feel. What does your stomach feel like? How is your energy level? Is there any gurgling going on? Could you go outside right now and go for a brisk walk?

Tomorrow morning have only fruit. Don't cook your fruit, don't add sugar to it. Don't drink coffee with it. Don't have toast with it. Don't take vitamins or medication at the same time. Just have fruit. Raw fruit. You can squeeze oranges for real fruit juice if you want. You can eat pieces of watermelon, or handfuls of grapes. After you have eaten your fill go sit on the couch. And think about how you feel. Does your stomach hurt? What is your energy level like? Could you go outside and go for a brisk walk or a run right now.

There is one side effect eating fruit, and you might find it to be a little inconvenient but it is very healthy for you. You're going to have to go to the bathroom more. You are also going to be hungry faster. That's not really a problem though, just take a mandarin orange or a banana with you. They travel real well.

I find weight loss to be very easy if I eat fruit all morning. It gives me lots of energy, and my mind is very sharp. I don't even feel like I need coffee.

In the past when I took off a lot of weight, I kept it off for 10 years, and I hardly did any exercise. The one thing though that I did do continuously, is that I ate a lot of fruit in the morning that was raw, and I didn't eat anything else. I ran on 4 to 6 hours a night sleep when I did that. I didn't seem to need any more sleep. I just naturally woke up after 6 hours.

I have recently gone back to doing this, and the weight is coming off. I feel great. I would encourage you to try it out. Tell us how you feel?

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Measuring Progress

Apparently if you are trying to reach any goal, measurement is important. My habits coach Rael Kelly says that you will only manage what you measure. Therefore it is important to measure everything that has anything to do with your goal. In business I measure how many prospects we had out to meetings, and how many appointments we had. That makes sense.

Once I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I think I stopped measuring. I have not been on a scale in years. I think this is one of the reasons why people don't keep off the weight that they lose. I know myself whenever I have reach the goals I set in the past concerning weight loss, I stopped paying attention to any of the measurements. I also went out and celebrated by eating pizza, drinking beer, stocking up on wine, and indulged in huge plates of cheese. I had achieved what I wanted so it was time to be FREE again! All of that FREEDOM led to more BONDAGE of weight gain, so maybe some ongoing habit changes are in order...

I was not very committed to measuring during weight loss in the past. Even recently when I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I didn't even have a scale in the house. I just simply guess because I had size 22 clothing in the closet, and when I was able to wear size 20 or 18 clothing I knew I had made a difference. This time I decided that was not enough. I not only need to measure what my weight is, I need to take other measurements as well. I also need to do an assessment of the size of clothing that I'm wearing, and I also downloaded an app onto my phone that measures things like how many steps I walk in the day.

I use the Samsung Health app. It works very well. I just carry my phone with me when I go for a walk and it tells me that my goal should be 6000 steps for my age and my weight. And it measures every step that I take. It is also able to record my heart rate, and the oxygen in my blood, and a few other things.

I have never been much of a calorie counter, because I've always used the Fit for Life Principles of Food combining to lose weight, and then to maintain weight. This time however I decided that in the spirit of measuring everything, even though I am sticking to those principles, I would measure every calorie as well.

The Samsung Health app is awesome because it tells me how many calories I should be consuming if I want to be in weight loss mode. Apparently it is 1800 calories a day for someone my age and size. That is why the 400 calorie Starbucks lattes were not contributing favorably to a healthy lifestyle. Who knew?

By using Fit for Life principles, I only eat fruit in the morning. Usually I start out with fruit juice that is freshly squeezed with nothing else in it. Then for lunch, and for dinner I usually only have 25% of the plates covered with something that is not salad. It works best if there's only one thing at a time. For example chicken breast with salad is not only delicious, the chicken is about 25% of what is on the plate and the rest is raw salad items.

A couple of times a week I make a cleansing soup. It can be the cabbage soup from the cabbage soup diet, or different kind of cleansing soup like lentil soup with only onions and lemons and seasoning in it. As I've been recording my measurements, I have found that I typically eat 1200 to 1300 calories a day, so that is working well.

22 days into my program I had lost 14 pounds. It's nice to actually know because I have stood on a scale.

There are many different kinds of programs that one can use to lose weight, or to maintain weight, but the important thing is that you measure frequently. Start conditioning your mind now to keep getting on the scale everyday even after you have attained your goal weight. It took me a while to get the affirmations to kick in so I would want to exercise, so I am starting now to program myself for weight maintenance before I need that skill. I may change how many times a week I exercise once I have all of the weight off and I may let myself eat some foods occasionally, but measuring will need to become a lifestyle change. Otherwise a treat is not a treat anymore, it becomes a daily ritual. Daily rituals of Italian pasta with cream sauce and cheesecake for dessert quickly takes one back to where they started. My new bathroom scale is now a friend for life. I named her Nancy. She is my accountability partner. I want to manage, so I will measure.

What are you measuring? Write something below in the comment section, or share a link to your blog. You can also subscribe to mine up in the right hand corner.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Lie To Yourself

Apparently what we tell ourselves is important. We continually tell ourselves all kinds of things. Much of it is negative. Much of it is not true. We just think it is true at the time.

For instance we typically say things to ourselves like "I never am on time." Is that true? Are you NEVER on time? Isn't that an exaggeration? If you have a job, you must be on time some of the time or you would get fired. So that can't be true.

We all lie to ourselves continually so it is important to tell ourselves lies that bare good results. You have heard of faking it until you make it. Some people think that is not real. I happen to know that it works. There were lots of things that I faked it on. I pretended to be good a public speaking. I pretended over and over and over and over again. I faked it so much and I told myself that I was good at it. Now most people would agree. I rock at public speaking. That was not true the first time I did it. My knees knocked. I forgot what I was saying. I shook. I had no confidence. I just made myself do it and I told myself I was going to be good at it. Eventually I became good at it. I am sure you can think of something that you faked for a while too, and then you got good at it.

Affirmations can feel like faking it at first. I have heard folks say affirmations don't work. Well actually they do, but you also have to work. You have to keep saying them. If you write out one sentence and say it sometimes. You won't get much of a result.

A few years ago when I first went into business, I knew I had to change the way I thought about things considerably. I was making no real money and I had to change the way I was thinking about money. I had realized that I thought money would only come to me through hard work. Money came to others without hard work. Money came to others who were seemingly undeserving, so that meant it should work the same for me. I wrote down, "Money comes to me easily." I put it on the lid of the toilet seat so I would see it every time I went to the bathroom. I put it on my steering wheel in my car. I wrote it out in my journal and stuck it to the top of my computer screen. I said it several times a day. I doubled my income that year, and the next and the next after that.

Affirmations worked. I knew it. I had seen it.

Rael Kalley my habits coach reminded me of that when I started working with him last December. His plan was a little more radical so I decided to give it a go. He taught me to write out my affirmations with a lot more detail and to spend 5 to 7 minutes at a time thinking about how having that thing would make me feel. He also encouraged me to say them a minimum of 6 times a day. Things started to change right away in some areas.

I was saying "Money comes to me in an avalanche of abundance through my brilliant ideas." In less than 48 hours I had a really huge brilliant idea. It made me a bunch of money really quickly. That was very cool.

The affirmations that I was saying about what I ate took about 2 months to kick in. I wasn't ready for change immediately. My head rejected the sayings at first and recognized them as lies. I was saying, "I only desire foods that drive me closer to my ideal weight of 150 pounds." I laughed out loud the first few times I said that. I thought about the beer and pizza I was planning to enjoy and giggled as I ate them, but I kept saying it. Within 30 days I was desiring less pizza. In fact, I was rejecting milk products like cheese and sour cream without even thinking about it. I was not ordering them when I was at a restaurant, instead of insisting on them bringing me a vat for my baked potato. I stopped ordering extra dressing and condiments. I had 1 beer instead of 3. My cart at the grocery store was suddenly full of fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods.

My exercise lies took even longer. The first month I said "I love to exercise," and I physically grimaced when I said it. I thought of going outside and then I shuddered. Yuck. Who wants to do that? I did not even have excuses. I didn't need them. The answer was not even "No." It was a loud, "HELL NO!"

Kerry George
Walking at Nose Hill Park
I made my first commitment to exercise in January and by mid February I realized I was not going to do it. I was not ready. I decided instead to just keep lying to myself until the lie seemed closer to truth. It took a few months. In March I tried to go for a walk. I took 5 steps and went back in the house. Yuck. Then it snowed. That was a great excuse to put it off for a while longer. It was in April that I realized that I felt ready. May 1 was going to be the big day. Francois was going to help me. He was going to go with me. We were planning to do it 5 days a week. Now we do it 6 days a week. Last night we went bowling as well. It is awesome when you have a partner or even a friend who will support you. Now I had 1 less excuse.

Affirmations work. If you work the affirmations, they will work for you.

Write out your affirmations. Not just one line. Write out how you want it to be as though you already have it. Write about wealth, and health, and things you want to accomplish as though you already did it. Write out things you want to have, as though you already have them. It should be several sentences long. If you don't like to write, start with, "I love to write." Tell yourself some worthy lies that you want to become reality.

Now I love to lie to myself and the lies are good ones. I tell myself I am what I want to be so often, and so hard, and with so much emotion that I am becoming the lie. It is my new truth.

What kind of affirmations are you writing for yourself?

Tell us all about it below in the comments. In writing out your commitment and sharing it with the world you are one step closer to doing it always. Also please subscribe to these blogs on the top right hand of the page.

Whispering Walkway
Through the woods in Nose Hill Park

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Why I Use Fit For Life From 23 Years Ago

I had to get on a weight-loss program so I decided to go with what I know has worked in the past.

The interesting thing about diet is that everybody has a different opinion. Many of those opinions back them up with what they believed to be scientific fact. Everybody has different facts though. Facts and studies can be produced was just about any outcome that you want. Just get on the internet start searching. You can support your opinion, even if the majority would say that your opinion is crazy. Somebody is out there that has some kind of documentation that would support crazy.

Rael Kalley my habits coach says that whatever book you read about nutrition and weight-loss you should stick to if it works for you, because if you go back to the book shelf and buy another one it will tell you all different things. Which one is true? Now you are just confused. The reality is that there are different paths to the same end. You could cut your portions in half. That works. You could eat nothing but lettuce. That works. You could walk 10 km a day. That also works. Diet books come and go but what works in your body? Can you create a lifestyle with that knowledge? Go with that.

I'm going to share with you my opinion about a book I read over 20 years ago called Fit For Life, and I would encourage you to try a little experiment in your own body to see if you might feel the same way. Why use other people's opinions? Try some things out and see what your opinion is after you try something different.

Many years ago when I was in my early twenties I was very sick, a lot of the time. After I ate I had pain, and bloating. I also got headaches a lot, and they were really intense and sometimes I had to be hospitalized. Doctors had differing opinions of what was causing these problems. In the end it seems that perhaps there were two causes (although no doctor actually contributed to that opinion because they could not seem to agree on anything.)

The headaches were likely unrelated to the stomach problems. They were likely caused from food coloring, preservatives and MSG. I started going without these things and diligently reading labels and I immediately seen an improvement in the frequency of the migraines.

The stomach issues were a little bit more complicated, and many tests were ran. The doctors were unwilling or unable to come up with any satisfactory diagnosis. One suggested that it was probably irritable bowel syndrome, but at the time they seemed to not be certain of that either. All I knew is that I felt gross a lot of the time. I had little energy, and pain in my lower abdomen almost constantly, and more so after I ate.

When I got married to my first husband I wanted to impress him with my culinary skills and did a lot of home cooking. This included foods like homemade bread, and perogies and cabbage rolls, and lots of meat and potato dishes. I quickly gained 30 pounds in less than 6 months losing my trim figure and adding a little depression to my diet.

On a trip home to Saskatchewan my aunt had told me about her experience with reading a book called Fit for Life and how she had been planning to have a hysterectomy because of female problems and pain in her abdomen continuously but once she had being on this diet for about six weeks the symptoms had disappeared. She had also lost about 40 lb. I quickly went out and bought the book and began to apply everything in it.

The result was that I quickly lost the 30 lb but there were some other interesting side effects. The pain that I had been experiencing after I ate stopped entirely. My energy level went up significantly. In fact, from that point to this day I have always had a high energy level. It seemed to replenish vitamins and minerals in my body in some very visible ways. For instance, I had always had weak fingernails and suddenly they were strong, hard and growing. My hair was glossier and also began to grow faster, requiring to be cut more often. My skin became more clear and even my eyesight sharpened up.

Reducing the artificial enhancements to food had reduced the amount of headaches that I had had significantly. When I was in my late teens I was having a migraine headache at least once a week and sometimes three or four times a week. With those dietary changes I had reduced the amount of headaches to about once a month. I had started making those dietary changes when I was about 20. When I read the book Fit for Life I was managing the monthly headaches and I had truly believed that life was as good as it was going to get. However at age 25 when I started applying the principles of Fit for Life the headaches completely disappeared. To this day I rarely have any kind of a headache, and I think I've had two migraines in the last 23 years.

I'm a Believer in the Fit for Life principles because I have used them myself to take off weight, to feel better and more vibrant, and it has given me back my life. Over the years I have encouraged other people who had struggled with health issues to try it out. I'm not a doctor and I can't make it prescription however I can hand somebody a book and say listen if you don't believe it, just try it for 6 weeks and see if you feel a difference.

I've seen people with colon problems, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and a variety of undiagnosed issues, work themselves back from the brink of distress, in a matter of 4 to 8 weeks. Over the years when I have followed the program I had long periods of weight maintenance. When I stopped following the program I rapidly gained weight and then uncomfortable symptoms and stomach pains began to reappear.

These days Fit for Life can be found in a second hand store usually for about $2. Some people say it was a fad diet and that there was not enough science behind it. There are lots of other more recent diet books that are on the shelf next to it in the bookstore. Over the years I have read some of the more successful ones, mostly out of a point of interest or because some friend of mine was trying a new program. We all know how zealous our friends can be when they are trying a new program. They want to tell everybody about it, and anything that you might know prior to they're reading this new great book is irrelevant because this new great book has new information. After reading many of these books with new information I have concluded that most of them that actually deliver results have stolen all or most of the program that was actually originally printed in Fit for Life. That's why they work. Don't take my word for it, go ahead and read Fit for Life, then read the Atkins diet, then read the South Beach Diet, then read whatever diet is trending right now, and you tell me if I'm wrong. There's always some variations but the core is about combining food in a way that better results happen, even if they don't tell you that is what they are doing. The Atkins book for example tells one to remove all carbs from their diet. That naturally leads to food combining because without any carbs in your diet you can't improperly combine a carb and a protein. It takes the carb off your plate.

In summation the Fit for Life program it suggests that you should never put meat and potatoes, or meat and bread, or meat and pasta, on the same plate. Fit For Life calls that a "bad combination." The reason is - it takes two different kinds of chemicals in your stomach to break them down. Starch requires alkaline, and meat is a protein which requires acid. If you remember your days of chemistry in high school what happens when you put alkaline and acid into the same container? They neutralize one another and therefore digestion is impeded. Which is why when you eat a nice big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, you feel really slow and sluggish for several hours. All of that food of mixed combination working against each other in the same confined place takes a lot of energy out of your body and never actually properly digest the food, because alkaline and acid have been pumped in together into the same space.

Knowing this one thing about how food breaks down, empowers me to make better choices. If I want to have a steak, then I should enjoy a steak with some very nice salad. That keeps the steak without a heavy starch carbohydrate that requires alkaline. If you don't believe me, I don't blame you. I would ask you though to run an experiment. Have steak for two nights in a row. The first night eat your steak with a nice big baked potato with sour cream on it, and make sure you have a piece of bread with the steak. After you are done go lay on the couch for a while. Think about how you feel. How does your stomach feel? Consider your energy level. Do you feel like getting up to go do something outside? Write your observations down. Continue your evening doing the things that you normally do. The next evening prepare the steak again but this time, eat it only with salad. Make sure everything that is with the salad is raw. Raw lettuce, raw tomato, raw cucumber, and use a light dressing. Eat as much steak and salad as you want, but don't have any bread, or quinoa, or potato, or rice or, or pasta. After you're done your meal go lay on the couch and think about how you feel. Ask yourself the same questions.

Try this experiment with Fish and Rice one night. Then try it again with fish and only salad.

Try this experiment with chicken baked in the oven, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Then the next night make a nice salad and put chicken on the salad.

I encourage you to form your own opinion. Don't believe everything you read from any source, including Fit for Life. Try these things out in your body and write out the results in detail. See how you feel or if you notice the difference. This is why I believe this is a great program, because I can feel a difference. I think you will too if you stop and think about how you feel after you eat.

Tell me how your experiment worked?

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