Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Enhance Your Body

Well I took the big plunge. I started Laser Therapy again last week. I am drinking lots of water because hydration is important but I absolutely love that not much else is necessary.

No pain. No dieting. No exercise. Just a more beautiful and curvier enhanced me! Got to love that!

Each day I go over to Laser Therapy Solutions for about one hour. I lay on the bed in a quiet room with some nice music playing. The attendant comes in and turns on the laser machine and little red lights dance across my tummy for 20 minutes. I turn over and they do my back. I spend 10 more minutes another vibration machine and I go back to my regular life. Nice eh?

Will it make me a size 2?

Not likely. I don't actually care to be a size 2. I have never been a size 2. Not even when I was 10 years old. Currently I am a size 18. That is better than the size 20 that I was last year before I saw this procedure. I went to laser therapy back then for about one month. This time I would like to get to a size 16 and have a waistline again. That would be total success for me.

I don't mind being curvy. I am a confident and powerful woman. I feel attractive. I just want to be healthy. Laser therapy is very cool because it enhances my body. The laser can be targeted to the problem area. That means I can keep my big boobs. That means I can enhance my waist. I do lose the inches a little bit from everywhere so clothing fits again and I don't have to spend money on new clothes. Unless I want to celebrate with new clothes of course!

I have lots of clothes. I may just get a new purse or some shoes or something...

After all, one should reward themselves, shouldn't they? And I am not a cake kind of gal. Some might think I go for the sweets but seriously since I hit 40 I can walk past food and gain weight. I am really not into sweets. I am into healthy foods most of the time. My metabolism is just a lot slower than it used to be.
I don't want to be a different me. I just want an enhanced body. What kind of body would you like?

I asked Len if he could give a special to some of my friends and he agreed that if you tell him that you read my blog, he will give you a 20% discount. So ask him. 403-802-0300.

Hope it helps you like it helps me.


Kerry George

PS. I am a real person by the way. Google me. I live in Calgary and I am one of the owners of www.cibnconnect.com You can meet me in person if you want to see the results.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What To Do When You Gain The Weight Back

Gaining Weight Back

Once we get over 40 the metabolism changes. I hate that it is so, yet it is so. I used to just start walking or join the gym and in a matter of weeks with diligent effort it would start to go. That is not the way that it is now. These days I can walk past a buffet and gain weight. Taking it off again is a huge effort. We all hear that dieting does not work. Yet dieting does work, if you do a lot of work. It is just that the work part is sooooo much effort and not that easy to sustain when life is happening all around you. If your diet is using food that is not normal to you, you will go back to how you were before. If it requires huge amounts of time or planning, as soon as you feel better it is easy to stop your regime.

Last year just before Christmas I found a better answer. I went to see Len Slamko at Laser Therapy Solutions. With no dieting and no exercise I took 21.25 body inches off in only a few weeks using laser therapy. I basically laid on a bed for about 40 minutes a few times a week. In about one hour a day it made a big difference.

There was no pain or discomfort. It was a quiet and calming environment that even alleviated stress.

What Happened To The Weight Since Then?

Since then life went on. I am a busy business owner. There is lots to do every day. I eat a lot of salads but still gain weight rather easily. A few of those inches have returned. No problem though. I can go back for more, and that is what I am about to do.

I have ordered a new Nikken water bottle so I will have lots of hydration and I am excited about losing some weight before the summer really hits. One can actually take off 3 to 9 inches in two weeks easily with laser therapy so I should not have to buy new summer clothing. The wardrobe from last year should fit even better than it did last year.

This is a great idea for someone who needs to lose a few pounds before a summer reunion. I highly recommend it. Maybe I will even buy myself a bathing suit. I have not been in one for years!

I asked Len if he could offer a special to my CIBN friends again and he has agreed. Click this link to learn more about how you can get 30% off on this service. He is also throwing in a few extra sessions to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Diets cost money. Gyms cost money. Extracurricular activities cost money. This is a much better deal and it is a lot more relaxing.

I will let you know how the next session goes as I get started again.

Forever Loyal2U,


Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Have Lost 21.25 Body Inches In Three Weeks

Laser Therapy Weight Loss Is Working

Today is a good day. I was measured again. It is officially three weeks since I started with Laser Therapy Solutions and things are looking up. Today I got dressed to go to the CIBN Christmas party which is this evening (join us if you like) and I was going to wear a blue top that hides my curves when my daughter suggested a red top. This particularly festive looking blouse was something I tried on three weeks ago and I could barely get it over my head. It looked horrifying on me and pulled up outlining my significant bulges. It was not flattering to say the least. Today however after some coaxing, I tried it on. Guess what? It fits! And I look pretty good, if I do say so myself!

My measurements show a total of 21.25 body inches are gone! That is why I am getting a figure back! Nice…

Taken Dec. 4, 2014  #KerryGeorge
This is really working well. I have not changed my diet at all. I have not exercised. There has been no pain. There is no discomfort. There has been weight loss. There has been body sculpting. It is a radical improvement. I even feel like exercising now. I am thinking of working myself up to it this week. Maybe now that I am not huffing so badly when I climb the stairs I can handle 20 minutes of cardio. I am looking forward to trying. Cathy Ormon my health coach says I am ready for the next step, so I think I will give it a go.

I just had Kevin MacKinnon take my picture so you can see a before and after. I am going to stay on this until Christmas at least so you will see better ones later as this progresses, but I thought it was time to show some pictures.

Also you should know that Len Slamko from Laser TherapySolutions is still offering a 25% discount for those who sign up right now before Christmas. It is only for the first 5 people though and 3 have already signed up. So get on it if you want it. If you have a couple of sizes to drop you could still get it done by the big family Christmas party or the New Year Party! 403-802-0300 is the phone number there.

Here was the before picture taken three weeks ago. I think there is quite a difference. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2 Weeks Laser Therapy – 18 Body Inches Gone! No Muffin Top!

Laser Therapy Is Working! 2 Weeks – 18 Body Inches Gone! 

Yesterday I was measured again after my session at Laser Therapy Solutions. More inches have disappeared from my hips, my waist, my thighs and even a little off my arms! Another neat thing is that I decided to wear these black stretchy jeans that 2 weeks ago barely stretched over my girth. You know the kind that you have to lay on the bed and grunt and struggle to get done up and then there is this unsightly muffin top hanging over the upper edge. Then it requires just the right blouse to cover up the mushroom cloud trying to escape making the pear shape actually all bubbly and weird. Well yesterday I put the on and I could actually pull them down without undoing themy AND NO MUFFIN TOP!

My 14 year old daughter came into my room on the weekend when I was changing and said “Mom, you look sexy from behind now!” Then she went on to explain that she could see to the bottom of my rolls. Nice… lol. She is right though. You know that chaffing that one gets when the roll is too big and dragging onto the skin below it? The chaffing is all cleared up. The rolls are not quite rolls now. My tummy is not hanging over my belt. I am also not huffing and puffing so bad going up the stairs.

It is a tremendous relief making some progress. For a while there I thought nothing was going to work. This laser therapy is pretty cool. People keep asking me, “Does it hurt?” No. “Does it cost a lot?” No. “Does it take a long time?” No. “Will it work for me?” Yes. “Is there time to make a difference before Christmas or New Years?” Yes. “Is it really true?” Yes.

Tonight I am taking part in a gathering of women who all have significantly large networks from across Calgary. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I am happy about how I look! Sure I am not yet where I want to be, but it gives one a feeling of confidence to know that I am on track and progress has been made. Everywhere I go people are noticing that I have lost weight. They see it in my face. My nail designer Chrysta Lewis told me last night that my skin looks better and she commented on how fast my hair and nails have been growing. I had to go get my nails done before the two week mark because they had grown out that much. Drinking all the extra water has been making them grow like I was a plant getting watered. It’s all good though because I wanted a cool Christmas design anyway and she does do the most creative nails in the city!

I am so blessed by all of the good people in our CIBN network. Laser Therapy Solutions is an Ambassador Sponsor of CIBN and as a result Len and his wife Dawn have become dear friends. Chrysta Lewis is a Pillar Sponsor of the CIBN. My health coach Cathy Ormon is a MasterMind Member. I get all of my clothing, my cosmetics, my business supplies and more from the CIBN. Anything else that I need I get from eXmerce on barter because eXmerce is also a Pillar Sponsor of the network. Overall I save thousands of dollars a year, I make thousands extra due to their referrals and I get to support fantastic business owners and build powerful relationships with movers and shakers from around the region. I am getting my body back and life is good!

I hope you are having as much fun as I am…

Sincerely Loyal2U,

Kerry George

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Answering Questions From You About Laser Therapy

Questions About Laser Therapy

I have been getting some questions from friends and people who know me online about Laser TherapySolutions and the weight loss process that I have been going through. So rather than answer them all individually I thought others may also have these same questions and it would probably be best to cover them in a blog. So here we go:

Is there any pain or discomfort at all with laser therapy?

No. Not even a little bit while doing the laser. The jiggling of the vibration machine made me itch slightly for about one minute on the first day. I had a little workout muscle pain in my calves on day two. It was very mild though. I had to really focus to even feel it. I think it is kind of funny that people keep asking this question like they think I am making it up or something. Seriously, if it hurt I would say so. No pain.

How does the Laser Therapy work?

The laser is a little red light. It shines on you and magic fairies dance in it with their high-heal shoes creating air pockets. It is magic! No. I made that up. There is a little red light though. Basically the laser empties the fat cells in your body which is flushed out through the lymphatic system. The real story with the real science is here.

Can it target just my belly?

Absolutely! Isn’t that wonderful? I am getting a waist back AND I GET TO KEEP MY BIG BOOBS! And now they look even bigger! Isn’t that totally awesome? I am seriously going to look hotter in my 40’s than I did at 20! I am so excited about that and you should be excited about targeting too. Just laser in on the spot you want changed. It is made to order just like getting Chinese food on Friday night!

How long does the Laser Therapy take?

About one hour a session. The closer you do the sessions the better results you have. So every day is best or with one day off on the weekend. One hour to get slimmer. Really. That is it. Nine sessions is recommended. More if you are like me and extra fluffy. So far, I have had 7 treatments. I lost 13.5 body inches in exactly the first week.

Do I have to exercise on top of the treatment?

I don’t exercise. Like ever…

Thankfully no. You will likely feel more like exercising as you finish the treatments though. As a heavy person I had zero motivation within myself to exercise. I am not nearly as repulsed by the idea of a walk as I was a week ago. Although I do hate most kinds of exercise. That is likely why I gained so much weight. Yes I already know that is bad, so save the lectures. J It is the truth though. You do want the truth right?

If I can lose weight doing this you can too. Trust me. If there was pain, exercise, too much time commitment, or the chance of breaking a nail, I would not be doing it. That is just my reality.

Does it stay off after the treatments?

For the most part, yes. Now if you go out and eat bonbons every night or park yourself in front of the television and eat a daily extra-large pizza with extra cheese topped with marshmallows this is not likely to last long term. Healthy eating is still a good idea. If you need to make some lifestyle changes to keep your new body I would recommend my health coach Cathy Ormon who would be happy to give you mad skills in staying fit. If you eat moderately and get half an hour exercise three times a week, you should be okay. If you are like me you will be more motivated to try once your favourite clothes start fitting again (or you buy new ones).

Is it safe?

Yes. Dr. Oz says so, therefore it must be true. Beyond him though the FDA in the US and Health Canada have both approved the process. Besides that, I did not blow up.

How much does it cost?

Usually $4000 for nine sessions. Christmas special though is on right now and it is $2,800. There is a further special below. If money is the issue though you may want to consider the cost of gaining weight.

Where do I get laser therapy done?

Len Slamko from Laser Therapy Solutions has done this for me. I am a “big” fan of his. Although I am getting noticeably smaller. J  His number is 403-802-0300 and he has offered to give a 25% discount to the first 5 people who call and say you saw this on Kerry George’s blog. That is 25% off the $2,800. Be quick though because two have already called that I know about.
More Questions?

Go ahead and write them in the comments below, or if you want to remain anonymous then email me at loyal2Uinfo@gmail.com and I will post the answers without naming you.

Hope these answers were helpful to you.

Still loyal2U,

Kerry George

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One Week Using Laser Therapy – 13.5 Body Inches Gone!

One Week Laser Therapy Results – 13.5 Body Inches Gone!

I am very excited to report the weight loss results after only ONE WEEK of using Laser Therapy Solutions. We took my measurements after my treatment today. I have lost over 4 inches from my waist! I have lost 4 inches from my hips! I am showing loss of inches all over my body. Even my thighs are down ¾ of an inch. Total loss of is 13.5 of body inches!

The weight difference is not as big yet. Apparently that follows along later. The fat cells in our bodies does not weigh as much as we think. So I am down only 2 lbs on the scale. The measurements however are very impressive. Each week we will measure and weigh so I will keep you up to date.

There was absolutely no pain, no downtime and no surgery necessary. It has taken an hour of my time for each session. I am only one week into the process and there are already noticeable results.
I have already noticed that the buttons on my shirts are not pulling. The favourite pair of black stretchy pants are sliding off of me. My jeans are getting loose. I am now looking at the next size of clothes hanging unworn in my closet with renewed hope!

Laser Therapy Holiday Special For My Followers

On top of that Len Slamko the owner of Laser Therapy Solutions has a special holiday offer for the readers of my blog. He is going to give the first 5 people that call and say “I saw you on Kerry’s blog” a 25% discount! You can be down 2 to 3 sizes before Christmas! You can WOW your relatives at the big family function! You could fit in that great New Years Eve gown you bought three years ago! So call him and ask for a free consultation at 403-802-0300. They can actually predict the results that you will have before you even start. This is amazing!

Merry Christmas!

Totally Loyal2U,

Kerry George